Viewing and Sale Conditions


 (Please Read All Fully and Completely)


We appreciate your interest in the “Weaver-Baynes-Swaney House” – we hope that you will enjoy and thoroughly review the various information and views of the property here on our website.

The selling price of the “Weaver-Baynes-Swaney House” (fully furnished as shown in the videos of the house, rooms, and grounds) is $759,000 dollars (USA currency value as of the date and time of sale – no “conversion values” involving currencies of other countries or entities)

If you wish to inquire further regarding the possible purchase of the property, in order to ensure a full understanding of the orderly approach to this matter which the owner wishes to structure into any such discussions, please pay strict attention to the following conditions:

photo of house


Viewing of Home or Property

  • Viewing of the property will be by appointment only – please no “drive up” or “walkup” requests to view the house property – real estate agents are welcome to view the property by appointment provided they identify their prospective buyer(s) and provide a buyer pre-approval letter discussed below regarding that/ those specific buyers (s).
  • Contact requesting an appointment to view the property should be directed by email to David G. Kopp, the attorney for the Estate of Charles D. Swaney, at
  • Please allow a reasonable time for a response – use of email will create a written record of communications that both seller and buyer(s) can refer back to when needed – please provide an active email address for a response as well as active and best telephone contact number(s) –
  • Please direct any questions regarding this sale by email to the same email address listed in the previous paragraph []

    Please note that a minimum of 48 hours notice will be required before any viewing appointment will be granted – and a longer period of time may be necessary due to various factors.

  • The owner (or her representative) will request a pre-approval letter from an FDIC insured bank(or other acceptable lenders) regarding any prospective person or party interested in viewing or buying the house and property –
  • Only a maximum of two people will be allowed into the house on the property at the time of any inspection [please leave children, pets and relatives with others who can take appropriate care of them while viewing the property – we have many interesting areas in and around Greensboro that they can enjoy while the potential buyer(s) view the property] –
  • No person or persons doing testing of personal properties, house or grounds will be allowed into the house or onto the property upon an initial viewing appointment –
  • No inspections or testing of the house, property or personal furniture items by any third parties chosen by the buyer(s) will be allowed without a formal purchase contract having been entered into between the seller and buyer(s) at the time of any inspection (note – if all sales provisions have not been agreed upon in writing, any scheduled inspection or testing will have to be postponed at buyer’s sole expense)
  • At the time of any property viewing, the owner will disclose in writing any items known to her which are not operating in a normal manner at that time – the owner also reserves the right to be present during the time of viewing [and in fact, will be glad to show a buyer’s chosen viewing person(s) around the house if she is available]
  • Owner (and her chosen representatives) reserve the right to cancel any scheduled viewing at any time, upon failure of a requesting party to follow these conditions and directives, without any compensation to Buyer(s) or their chosen representatives regarding any such cancellation The prospective purchaser is responsible for the conduct of all persons viewing the house, and for any injury or damage which may occur to any person or property while inspecting the house and grounds.

Sales Conditions

  • All offers must be complete, in writing and include a pre-approval letter for the entire offered purchase price from an FDIC insured bank (or another acceptable lender) regarding the buyer(s) ability to obtain the money for the purchase offers which include sale of the furnishings will be given a priority status regarding consideration, as this sale is intended to be a conveyance of both house, land, and furnishings and has been priced accordingly – any offers for the house and land (without sale of the furniture being appropriately included in the offered purchase price, are subject to rejection without discussion, explanation or further consideration).
  • Owner reserves the right to require the use of “Georgia Residential Sales Contract” at the Owner’s discretion, subject to negotiation and addition of special terms and conditions adding to or amending the same.  The property is zoned residential and will be sold and conveyed under that current zoning category.
  • All real estate and personal property items shall be sold and conveyed physically “as is” as of time of closing – a list of items to be removed from the house and property will be provided by the owner in advance of signature to any sales contract, and attached to the sales contract so buyer(s) will be aware of such items. Title to the real estate and personal properties shall be conveyed by general assent to devise(s) for estate conveyances – seller shall disclose both at the time of entry into any sales contract, and furthermore once again at closing any and all claims are known to seller, if any, regarding any of the properties or property interests being conveyed.
  • The owner will NOT finance any portion of the purchase price (please do not send any offer that asks for her to do so – it will be summarily rejected).
  • Any commission to any real estate agent or agency involved with the sale will have to be paid in full by the buyer(s) – this is a “sale by owner” transaction.
  • Title to be conveyed regarding the real estate will be in the form of “marketable title” as defined by the Title Standards of the State Bar of Georgia – title shall be conveyed subject to normal and customary title exceptions.
  • All Greene County and City of Greensboro ad valorem taxes will be prorated as of the date of sale.
  • Any foreign entity or person reporting or identification requirements shall be done by the buyer(s) at the sole responsibility and expense of the buyer(s)
  • The Owner/Seller will not intentionally discriminate regarding any potential buyer(s) based on age, sex, race, religion, marital status or national origin.